Never release this monster!

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At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!

In 1983 Lynda Mann (my sister) was brutally raped and murdered. In 1986 Dawn Ashworth was also brutally raped and murdered by the same man Colin Pitchfork. The police said at the time it was only that he'd gained a mistress between the two murders that he had not committed more murders. After he murdered Dawn he went on to abduct another girl but she managed to escape (had he killed her he would be classed as a serial killer and we would not have to be taking these steps now, He would never be considered for parole). When he murdered Lynda he had with him and left alone his 1 year old son in the car whilst he committed these atrocious crimes for his own depraved lust. Asked why he killed Lynda he replied "because she was there". He ultimately became the first person in the world to be convicted using DNA evidence. During the course of investigation he coerced and manipulated a work colleague into taking the DNA test for him so as to avoid detection. He took his own passport and forged it to show the picture of his work colleague. In 1988 he received 2 life sentences for the girls murders without the chance of parole until 2018. 5 years ago he unbelievably appealed his original sentence of minimum 30 years as being "unfair". The appeal hearing heard how he had an exceptional record in jail never once being put on report, and he also gained a degree. He appealed for a cut of 5 years in his sentence which would have seen him elegiable for parole immediately. Quite shockingly the court of appeal listened to his case and decided the sentence was unfair as well as taking his good behaviour into account and cut his sentence by 2 years.

He is currently in the process of applying for parole which will be heard in September. If his parole is approved he will be free within 6 months time if it is unsucsessful  they are going to recommend him for a cat D prison were he will be free to come and go on a daily basis to work.

Our thoughts are this:

He has spent all of his sentence on the vulnerable prisoners wing so has not even socialised with people who have committed lesser crimes never mind having access to young girls
The degree speaks for itself really what else are you going to do in a cell 24/7
He is cold and calculated as he has proved in the past with his manipulation of others
He will kill again we have no doubt about that
If he is freed he will get a new identity and could end up anywhere in the country
Please sign our petition and please please please share it to your contacts and any other place you think it may gain a bit of attention.


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