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Bring Back The IMDb Message Boards


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On the 3rd February 2017, IMDb officially announced the end of the IMDb Message Boards, effective from the 20th February 2017. You may read it here.

For many years the majority of IMDb users have peacefully and successfully used the Message Boards to communicate with others who had questions or opinions on various topics. To name a few: Trivia! Trivia!, Awards Season, Film Talk, TV Talk, Genre Zone, Star Talk, IMDb Boards and last but not least; General Boards.

I speak for many when I say that the IMDb Message Boards were one of the main reasons that we even went onto the website. Sometimes we wanted to find out more than what was in the Trivia section. Sometimes we wanted to express our opinion on a certain film/TV show. Or sometimes we simply came to spread our excitement and thoughtfully discuss up-coming films together. Let us not allow a minority of trolls to take this away from us.

In addition, there were the IMDb Boards (mentioned above), where the most devoted and hardcore IMDb users could run Polls and even talk to the Contributors for help. Without IMDb Message Boards, this too, would forever be lost.

So please sign and share this petition if you, your friends or your family, care about the IMDb Message Boards. If we don't reach enough signatures to get IMDb (Colin Needham) to change their mind, then we'll lose such a vital tool for enjoying films and TV.



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