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Require pitcher safety nets for Mountain View softball leagues

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In the Mountain View Ca recreational softball league there is no pitchers net provided or required. When a ball is hit at the pitcher, he or she has less than a second to react. A line drive at the head, body, or legs of a pitcher could cause a serious injury and even death. I had a line drive hit at me on Monday 9/18/17 and barely got my glove on it before it hit me square in the chest. It knocked me over and left me with a major contusion on my hand. I'm not the guy in the video above, but you can see how dangerous pitching is and how little time there is to react to a ball hit at you.

I emailed the person in charge about providing and requiring a pitchers net. He is taking it under consideration but is reluctant to implement a pitchers net since other leagues he contacted don’t use one. 

Protective gear worn by the pitcher is not adequate or a viable solution. 

This guy had a line drive break his femur:

This girl took a shot to the ribs: scrub to 0:47

Imagine the amount of gear required to protect your head, torso, upper leg, knees, lower leg. On a hot day the pitcher would be sweating profusely. The gear would limit his mobility. He would have to take it off and put it back on after every inning. This is not viable or realistic. 

The solution is simple: Buy a pitchers net and make it mandatory for every game. This is a no brainer. It will reduce the probability of getting hit by a line drive to a very safe level. It will reduce the liability the city of Mountain View would face if a serious injury were to happen. The pitcher and the batter can rest easy that no one will be injured by a line drive. There is no downside to using a net. 

This is the screen I propose we buy.

This is a list of schools, colleges, and universities that use this screen:

Set up and tear down is really fast. less than a minute!

Do we have to wait for a tragedy to happen to require a safety net? We know the risk, we know the solution, why not just implement it ? A little girl was hit in the face by a line drive at a Yankee’s game yesterday. She is currently hospitalized.

Let’s be proactive and get the net.

Thank you.

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