Ban Safe Schools Indoctrination of OUR Children

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Do you have children at school?
It is time for ALL Australians who care for their children's well being to stand and be counted.
There is a hideously debauched program being implemented in schools all over Australia. It is the Safe Schools Program which is attempting to use bullying as an excuse to infiltrate the school system to sexually indoctrinate our children and by all appearances, groom them. Their goal is to teach OUR children sexually explicit information that will not only confuse and terrify but cause horrific consequences.
We urge you to look up the following links and use you conscience before making any decision.

These are the people who believe paedophilia should be a right? 

Safe Schools Curriculum

 This is an open petition where we intend to garner at least 200,000 signatories who have children, grandchildren, brother and sisters alike who attend OUR schools.
It matters not which State you are in because this petition will reach all those that are in a position to petition Parliament.

Safe Schools Coalition

We are requesting that the government withdraw ALL funding to this debauched organisation and BAN this organisation's planned indoctrination in OUR schools.
Most Australians have loved ones in the schooling system and this program is being aimed at children from Kindy and up!
Please save our/YOUR children from disaster and pass this petition via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter &etc so as to reach as many parents as possible before it is too late and becomes implemented any further.

You're Teaching Our Children WHAT?

You're Teaching our Children WHAT? -2