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Stop W.A's serious threat policy towards the sharks.

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Hi my name is Ellise 

I am 14 years old and I am creating this petition to help stop the serious threat policy towards sharks in West Australian waters. 

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a marine biologist. I have always loved animals and I really loved the water. when I was little I was the type of girl that would help the teachers get rid of bugs in the classroom that no one else wanted to touch or I'd go fishing with my dad just to be near the water. I was not like all the other kids that loved little bunnies and little ducklings (although I still did) I was the type of girl that would rave about snakes, sharks, spiders and stingrays. some of the first stuffed animals I ever had were sharks and rays. Marine biology has always appealed to me because they get to spend all day in the water and all day with animals, what's not cool about that!

In September 2014 the seasonal setting of drum lines was banned following recommendations from the Environmental Protection Authority. BUT The West Australian Government has retained the option to deploy drum lines under certain circumstances under its serious threat policy. Drum lines can still be deployed in the event of an appearance of a shark/sharks which present a POSSIBLE threat to public safety. This policy allows the government to catch and kill sharks even though the great white is listed as vulnerable. 

This is the WA government's criteria to kill sharks under their serious threat policy:
1. The shark needs to be 3m or more in length.
2. The shark must remain in a specific area over a continuous period.
3. The shark must be within 1.6km of the coast.
4. There must be a confirmed sighting of the shark during daylight hours.

These are just EXCUSES to kill sharks because most sharks fit these criteria - they are in the ocean. IT IS THEIR HOME!!!! 

1. Sharks in the locality of ocean users DO NOT necessarily pose a threat to humans. Killing sharks just because they are in THEIR ocean is crazy.
2. We should use non-lethal methods to protect humans from sharks. e.g. increased public education, increased patrols and shark wear.
3. Killing sharks could harm our safety because tagged sharks provide information about shark behavior.
4. Killing a shark in response to an incident is less about public safety and more about REVENGE.
5. The serious threat policy is likely to kill more sharks than the drum line strategy.


 Colin Barnett DO NOT kill sharks in response to a serious threat or incident instead use non lethal methods to protect humans and the sharks.

I love sharks and I want the W.A Government to stop killing them. 


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