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Reverse the decsion to close 700 km of railwiay line in Western Australia.

My name is Harper and I am 12 years old and even I can see that closing the railway line and forcing farmers and industry to use trucking companies to haul freight on our already disastrous country roads is a foolish decision for the following reasons:
1. It will congest our roads causing longer traveling times for families
2. Poses more of a risk on our roads for increased accidents
3.We are taking a great railroad system which has been very reliable in past and means we loose part of our heritage.
4.It will cost more to maintain our roads as increased traffic from heavy haulage trucks will increase the rate at which our roads degrade.
5. Environmentally they will produce more green house carbon emissions
6. There is the increase of noise pollution
7. Small country councils are already struggling to fund roads and this will only make things worse

As a young person I have to travel and live in the country and this affects my life and my families well being. If you value young people then please sign my petition. Thank you Harper

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