Remove Free Chlorination from Castlemaine's water supply

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Coliban Water is trialling a new disinfection method called free chlorination in the water supplies of Castlemaine, Chewton, Campbells Creek, Elphinstone, Fryerstown, Harcourt, Barkers Creek, Taradale, Maldon, Yapeen, Newstead and Guildford.

Their media release states that "customers may notice a change in the taste and odour of the drinking water; however, the water is safe to drink."

I personally, and many others anectodally have noticed this change and are offended and appalled by the amount and characteristic of the change.

The water tastes and smells like an old style public swimming pool. It may be 'safe' but the smell alone makes me feel ill.

Coliban Water's solution over the phone to myself and in their media release, is to let the water stand so that the chlorine gasses off. This however does not solve the problem when cleaning or showering.

I ask Coliban Water to 

1- reduce, in the short term the amount of chlorine in our town water. (Previously this request was -revert to the previous method of water disinfection in our system. Please see update for reason for the change)

2- investigate other processes such as UV or Ozone treatment to disinfect the water, thereby eliminating chlorine altogether.

Coliban Water media release

Australian Drinking Water guidelines for further information on possible alternative processes.

17/1/19 After meeting with Coliban water (see update below) I maintain that I would like Coliban water to look into ways (and they do exist) to disinfect our water using a process that would eliminate the need for chemicals altogether.