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Colgate-Palmolive recently reformulated their Palmolive dish soap to be triclosan free. This is a step in the right direction – triclosan, a widely used antimicrobial, has been linked to a variety of health issues, including an increase in allergies and hay fever, antimicrobial resistance and endocrine disruption.

However, just as they phased out triclosan in their soap, they increased advertising expenditure on another product that contains the chemical – their Total Toothpaste. They add triclosan to the toothpaste to prevent gingivitis, but other toothpastes on the market also fight gingivitis, without the addition of triclosan.

The FDA and EPA are currently investigating the science to determine if triclosan presents too great a threat to health and the environmental to remain on the market. Until then, it’s up to companies to phase out the chemical.

Without a full understanding of triclosan’s health effects, and with safer alternatives, Colgate-Palmolive should adhere to the precautionary principle and phase out the use of triclosan in their Total Toothpaste. Sign the petition below asking them to do so. 

Letter to
Corporate Responsibility, Colgate Palmolive
We applaud your company’s recent move to take triclosan out of your Palmolive dish soap. However, we are concerned that you still use the chemical in your Total Toothpaste.

As you may know, triclosan use does not come without the potential for harm. A study by researchers at the University of Michigan showed that young people heavily exposed to triclosan have an increased incidence of developing allergies and hay fever. This adds to the growing body of evidence of triclosan’s negative repercussions on human health, including the development of antibacterial resistant bacteria and hormone disruption. In addition triclosan persists in the environment. Both the FDA and the EPA are reviewing the scientific evidence to determine how much of a hazard this chemical is to both health and the ecology.

There are alternatives to triclosan that also prevent gingivitis. We ask that your company adhere to the precautionary principle and phase out of the use of triclosan in Total Toothpaste.