Start selling your toothpaste in glass or metal jars with metal lids

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In an attempt to reduce my plastic waste I've been looking for plastic-free alternatives to toothpaste, but all the plastic-free toothpaste I have access to is also fluoride-free - and I want my teeth to benefit from fluoride in my toothpaste.

The UK is already taking steps to reduce plastic waste for the benefit of our oceans. But there are consumers out there who want to start now, and there are so few plastic-free toothpaste options out there that many are forced to start making their own toothpaste.

If Colgate, the biggest toothpaste brand in the UK, were to start selling toothpaste in glass or metal jars, it would make a huge difference. When buying in recyclable materials becomes as easy as buying in plastic, plastic waste goes down. Glass and metals can be reused and recycled many times, but a plastic toothpaste tube goes straight to landfill.

Colgate, please introduce a glass or metal packaging option for your fluoride toothpaste.