Coles & Woolworths - Help Aussies buy Australian made/owned products

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With Australia’s unemployment rate predicted to top 10 per cent, the pandemic is having a devastating impact on thousands of Australians and their livelihood.

More than 800,000 businesses have registered for the JobKeeper program, with up to 6 million workers, almost half the Australian workforce, expected to benefit from the six-month wage subsidy. Australia’s economy is expected to plunge into recession for the first time in three decades.

So that presents the question, how can ordinary Australians help. How can we prioritise our Economy, our jobs, and the well-being of fellow Australians?

Buy Australian Made.

There is a genuine push from everyday Aussies to prioritise the purchase of Australian Made products. We all understand the benefit from doing so, more Australian jobs.

This is where our two largest supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles, have the power to make a real difference.

Recently there has been suggestions that grocery stores could implement dedicated Australian made isles to help Aussie shoppers navigate the thousands of items. Although this has merit, we are asking for a simpler change, one that could be implemented quickly and at little cost to the shopping giants big pockets.

We call upon Woolworths and Coles to introduce a new sorting option on their websites such as “Australian Made”.

Some of the current sorting options include lowest price, brand or product name. Many products on the Shopping giants websites already display the “Made in Australia from at least __% Australian ingredients” label, but to see that level of detail you have to navigate to each individual item page.

Adding a sorting option by Australian Made would present those products with the highest % of Australian ingredients to the top of the page. So a product with 95% Australian ingredients would be presented above a product with 90% Australian ingredients and so on. Imported products with no Australian ingredients would be sorted to the bottom of the page. The Australian Made label/details should also be displayed prominently on the search page, beside each individual item, so at a glance the consumer can make an informed decision on whether they purchase an item due to its Australian ingredient content. An additional "Tick box" could be shown to let the customer know if the company selling the product is also "Australian Owned".

Online grocery shopping has ballooned in the past few years, and with the recent pandemic, will only continue to grow and become the preference for many shoppers. Even for shoppers that continue to prefer a visit to their local supermarket, the change to the shopping giants websites could help educate shoppers on Australian Made options.

This change will encourage the purchase of Australian Made products, increase local jobs and help improve our economy as we venture out of the pandemic.

If your fair dinkum about helping fellow Aussies, we need your help.

Share this petition far and wide, contact Coles/Woolies, your local member of parliament, heck even the PM, and ask them to support this small change that could make a big difference to the lives of many Australians.