Supermarkets Pay a Living Wage of $25 per Hour Base Rate

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The Australian Living Wage is $25 per hour.   

Right now, supermarket workers are on the frontline of the COVID-19 epidemic but are paid a base rate of between $9.63 and $21.68. They are paid at least 16% less the Australian Living Wage!

Supermarket workers deserve our thanks but what good is thanks when they continue to be paid so much less than a living wage? In New Zealand, supermarket workers are starting to be paid a living wage. In European countries, supermarket workers are paid a living wage. In Australia, the minimum and poverty wages paid to many supermarket workers are nowhere near a living wage.

Show your support for supermarket workers. Don't just thank them, show you care during this COVID-19 crisis and support their demand to be paid a permanent living wage of at least a $25 per hour base rate. Casual loading, penalty rates, overtime rates and other rights must be paid on top of this base rate. 

In Australia the Living Wage is calculated as 60% of the median full-time adult ordinary time earnings. This is now $25 per hour. More on the RAFFWU living wage campaign is available at