Single use plastic reduction at Australian supermarkets

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Why isn’t Coles listening to the crisis we are having with single-use plastic? From plastic bags to “Little Shop” to ready-to-go meals at the checkout. When Europe are banning plastic, it seems we are going in the opposite direction.

We need immediate action from Coles to ban these single-use, wasteful and unnecessary products so that change happens quickly and we can try to recover from the error of our ways that have led to this global plastic crisis.

Personal story
I am an Australian citizen, an everyday person who wants to see a difference happen now, so we can try to recover from the huge problem that already exists where animals die from wrongly ingesting plastic that has ended up our oceans. Why is it there? Largely due to big corporations packaging up essential items like food and water in excessive amounts of plastic, giving the consumer very little option when it comes to buying things they need. Since our awareness has turned to the huge issue we have with plastic, it seems Coles in particular has gone in the opposite direction and instead of reducing unnecessary packaging, more and more items are sold wrapped in the unprecedented amounts of wasteful plastic, and we are seeing rubbishy toys being sold as a gimmick only worsening the problem, and highlighting their ignorance. It’s time to man up Coles and stop being driven by profit, and start thinking about the longevity of our planet.