Peel Back the Packaging

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My name is Liam. I am a 14-year-old from Melbourne. While recently visiting a local supermarket, I was shocked and upset to see the amount of fresh produce that was unnecessarily prepackaged or wrapped in plastic and citrus bags (eg. orange bags). The supermarkets in question say they want to help the environment by cutting out single-use plastic bags, but they continue to present their fruit and vegetables in a manner that is totally unnecessary and contributes to landfill.

As supermarkets head towards more self-service checkouts, I am concerned that they will increasingly prepackage these items so they can barcode them for scanning.  It may help their shrinkage figures but it won't help the environment. 

Please sign the petition and follow our facebook (@PeelBackThePackaging) and next time you are in the supermarket, choose the packaging-free option when possible.