Add Health Care Workers to Coles and Woolworths' Online Shopping Eligibility.

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Greater Shepparton Response Committee are currently advocating to help and support Health Care Workers in the Goulburn Valley area. But they need our help!

As a local health care worker, I know how challenging it is to find time to go shopping, and when you get there essential items have run out. 

The nature of our jobs puts us at an increased risk of catching and/or unintentionally transmitting any communicable disease, including COVID-19. So it makes absolute sense to keep Health Care Workers at home when we aren't at work!

Instead we are still expected to do our shopping with the general public or at designated times that are unsuitable and expected to wear our uniforms....hmmm! 

Including Health Care Workers as a priority in the online ordering eligibility would demonstrate support and appreciation for the entire industry at a time when most are overworked, stressed and putting themselves at risk for the greater good.

Currently those eligible to access Coles and Woolworths online services are:

  • Woolworths: Seniors, people with a disability, those with compromised immunity and those required to isolate
  • Coles: elderly and vulnerable members of the community including retirement and nursing homes

Please sign and show your appreciation and support for local Health Care Workers. 

Photo � Adobe Stock/Maria Sbytova