Give us an alternative to plastic shopping bags.

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Getting rid of single use plastic shopping bags is a great start. Reusable plastic bags are OK if they get reused.

BUT ... One cannot be expected to continuously carry a dozen plastic/cloth/string bags with them just incase they need to go shopping. People can have the best of intentions, but eventually they will end up at the supermarket checkout with more shopping than they have bags while a bunch of reusable bags sit idle under the sink.

Why can't we have the choice of paper or plastic at the checkout? Cloth or string is stronger and reusable but paper should be available for when we forget our cloth or string bags.

By signing this petition, you are calling on Coles and Woolies to supply paper bags (with handles) at a reasonable price as an alternative to plastic.

We can't choose paper or plastic if we have only plastic to choose from.