End of plastic rings around bottles to reduce animal suffering

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It's time to end the use of the circular seals around bottles of milk, soft drink, water etc. They are not necessary and bottles can be sealed without a ring being left behind. 
A dolphin was found on the beach yesterday. He died of hunger due to the seal of a bottle that was hanging on his snout. This death of our beautiful marine life and other animals is not necessary when they are already challenged by our climate as it is. We are advanced enough to make a bottle without a seal that ends up being an environmental hazard. 

Coca Cola, Coles, Woolworths can lead the way forward with this change and the NSW Government can set a good example for other states to legislate the redesign of products that kill too many of our animals. This should not be considered a suitable consumer product if it can kill.

Thank you for caring! Please cut the bottle top rings before you throw them in the bin in the meantime and pick up any plastic rings or rubber/hair bands from the ground and cut and bin it:)