Completely get rid of plastic bags in Coles

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Between 4.8 and 12.7 million tones of plastic enter the ocean each year. Single use plastic was bad enough now that supermarkets have created stronger plastics that will never disappear it is harder to dispose of them and they end up in the oceans for innocent sea life to mistake them for food. Plastic is a killer, it will eventually kill all sea life, already killing 100 million animals each year from turtles, sea birds to whales and dolphins. 

Plastic that we throw away goes to landfill where it could potentially fly away especially plastic bags which are known to trap themselves around seals and sea lions necks along with fishing line which digs into their skin, making them bleed and ending their life young. Even small pieces of plastic kill animals such as birds, adults feed their young small pieces of plastic which they cannot tell the difference, this plastic fills the babies stomach leading them to starve. The fish we eat also digest plastic, the toxins go into their blood and meat which then we catch the fish and eat it along with the toxins.

Just think about if we keep filling our oceans and land with plastics and poison then our children and our children’s children will come as ask us what a whale Is or a sea gull, they will never witness these animals the most they will see is pictures. I ask you is that what you want? 

We don’t even need to use plastic, plenty of people are doing their thing but it takes a big step to really accomplish something, something great. Sign this petition and join me to help persuade big supermarkets to stop using these tough plastic bags and start using better ones. WE CAN DO THIS!