COLES - Please stop giving away plastic bags to your customers!

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My name is Marissa Leach. I am a 10 year old Grade 5 student in Queensland. It has come to my attention that that you have decided to turn back on your pledge to help our environment, and you are once again giving way unlimited plastic bags to your customers. I thought big chain supermarkets like you were trying to stop hurting our environment. You are still damaging our planet with the plastics that are being thrown out by your customers, and instead of taking a stand for our environment, you are simply caving in to people who are too lazy to care. To make it worse, the new plastic bags are even bigger and heavier than the old lightweight plastic bags. How is this helping our planet? As a kid who will inherit the world you leave behind for me, I am asking you to please consider changing your response to this issue. Stand up for our environment and stand up for my future, because if the biggest chains in the country don’t care - then who will?

Yours Sincerely,

Marisa Leach