Coles, please put a stop to your 'Little Shop' Promotion.

Coles, please put a stop to your 'Little Shop' Promotion.

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In the wake of the national ban on single use plastic bags, it is hard to believe that Coles Supermarkets would undertake such a contradictory promotion such as 'Little Shop'.

Not only are the 'collectables' made from plastic, but they also come wrapped individually in even more plastic. Coles may claim that they are able to be recycled but how much realistically will end up in landfill? It is a completely unnecessary venture.

Coles has obviously not done their marketing correctly. It is clear that we live in an era in which consumers are much more environmentally focused. Consumers would prefer better customer service or financial incentives as an alternative to gimmicky, short lived rubbish that will end up in landfill.

Coles, if you want to pat yourself on the back and include yourself in the environmentally sustainable revolution, a good place to start would be to change consumer's perception of your company's values. Please put a stop to the 'Little Shop' promotion now and make sure that your stock of 'collectables' are sustainably repurposed.