Coles: Stop the New Online Pending Payment System

Coles: Stop the New Online Pending Payment System

4 August 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Julia Matthews

On the 8th July 2020 Coles changed their payment system for Coles online and customers placing orders. 
They introduced “Pre-Authorisation” for all orders placed on Coles Online. 

What this means is when a customer places an order, the amount of their shopping online is then “held pending” from their bank account/ credit card etc until their shopping is complete and then it’s fully processed. 

Sounds ok yeh? I mean. We want that shopping, so we agree to the value to be paid. 

Well, What Coles won’t tell you is that they will take 2 payments from you. 
1) The initial online shopping pending amount. The one you agree too 

2) When your shopping is picked and bagged etc, obviously some items may not be available, or some weighted items may have a different price etc and therefore the balance of your shop differs from the initial order placed.  Coles will then take another payment from you for this final shopping amount. 

So, Say you place a shop online for $100. But when the staff bag it, many items are unavailable so your actual shop will only be $50. 

Coles will happily take the initial $100 from your account, Then the $50 for the final shop. Then, YOU have to wait up to 10 days for the first initial payment to be refunded back to you!! 

Why wouldn’t Coles take the final shop amount from the initial  first payment you agreed to? Well even Coles staff don’t know! 
They say, it would make sense to do that, however Coles online look at it as 2 seperate shops. The first one for the amount agreed, the second for the one the customer actually receives. So therefore. They will charge you twice and refund the difference 

This is not explained to customers. On Cole website, it explains the pending payment but no other information. 

So many people are being left with No food and then No money to go elsewhere to buy food. 

When I have tried on numerous days and platforms (phonecall,email, Facebook and Messenger) to get my money back. I have been left with no help, no customer assistance, no empathy. All I have gotten is the same generic reply. 
“your money is pending and will be released within 24-48 hours from shopping colllection/delivery” = NOPE nothing yet

“Your money was only pending we didn’t take the actual money from your account” = NOPE. Confirmed via financial institution that the money was fully taken from my account. 

“Your money has been released by Coles to your bank. Contact them for it to be refunded” = NOPE. They haven’t received any money back from Coles. 

“Please wait 10 days and if not back then contact us again” WHY? Why should I have to wait. You have taken more money from my account than agreed too and I need that money to buy food! 

On Coles Website, They claim that if you cancel your order they can take 10 days to refund your money. 
BUT, nothing is mentioned about if they are unable to supply food to you that they KEEP your money for this duration also. 

During this current economy and World Crisis, people need money and food. This “new payment processing” system does not help your customers Cole. It doesn’t help parents, vulnerable families to budget. If anything, it adds stress, and take money away from them


CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM COLES!  Please sign so no other family has to endure financial stress due to this system. 


Please see below Coles information on their website regarding their new payment system: 

On 8th July 2020, Coles introduced pre-authorisation for all orders placed on Coles Online.

Pre-authorisation will make it easier for customers to keep track of their budget as the estimated order value will be temporarily held as a pending transaction until the order is picked by our team members for delivery and the final payment processed.

The additional verification step will also mean that customers will be notified immediately if their order cannot be processed due to an issue with their chosen payment method.

If an order is cancelled for any reason, it may take up to 10 days for funds to be released depending on your card issuer. If a customer cancels their order after the cut-off time you may still be subject to a $30 cancellation fee as per our existing Terms and Conditions. However, if the payment is not processed the order is automatically cancelled, so customers will not incur a cancellation fee.

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Signatures: 388Next goal: 500
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