Boycott Coles until the plastic bag ban is reinstated

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Boycott Coles Change.Org Update

I'd like to start out by saying a big 'THANK YOU' to everyone who signed. The consumer backlash has been heard loud and clear and not 24 hours after this petition was started Coles did yet another backflip and announced that they would start charging for bags at the end of August. (Coinciding with the end of their little shoppers campaign - surprise surprise).
While it sounds good - I'm not ready to declare victory just yet. Why? Because I just don't trust Coles not to do another turn around and say they will be free forever. These 'Better Bags' have been turning up on the side of the road, used as bin liners and found floating in waterways. Clearly the idea of these bags being 'reusable' isn't getting through.
So please keep up the fantastic work, keep sharing and keep up the pressure. Together we can do this!!

Danielle Burns
3 years ago