Ban Single Use Fruit & Vege Bags in Australian Supermarkets

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We are gradually banning all single use plastic bags around Australia -- but so much plastic is still mindlessly used and wasted in supermarkets. 

Personally, I have witnessed so many people still using plastic bags for their fruit and vegetables. Why does one need a plastic bag for bananas? Lettuce? Avocado? Carrots? Beans? The list goes on. 

It does not keep them fresh, protect them from being squished, improve the taste or appearance. It is simply a matter of laziness - they don't even have handles! If supermarkets continue to provide these bags, people will continue to use them. 

There are many better alternatives, from reusing plastic bags that you unavoidably accumulate to using bags made from non-plastic materials- even using the brown paper bags provided for the mushrooms is better! It's not difficult. Which is why I strongly believe that all supermarkets around Australia should stop supplying plastic bags for fruit and vegetables (including the bags for nuts and other loose products). 

Some supermarkets around the world have already started tackling this issue! 


It is just one of the many fights against plastic we must fight. 

If you agree and want to make a change against the incredulous plastic pollution problem we have as a globe, please help us take this small step and vote so we can show the supermarkets of Australia that we care about protecting and creating a less plastic polluted environment. 

This petition will be delivered to the major supermarkets of Australia - with the message intending to impact all grocery stores.