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Purchase cage-free, organic, free range eggs and end battery farms

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For millions of layer hens, their quality of life comes down to the luck of the draw. They might be sent to a cage-free farm where they are free to stretch out, lay eggs in a nest, and flap their wings. Or they could be sent to a battery cage farm, locked inside a barren battery cage for their entire life, with less room than an A4 size piece of paper.

As consumers, many of us have made the switch to cage free eggs because we know very well that battery cages are cruel, outdated and unnecessary. And because of this, sales of cage-free eggs in supermarkets are far surpassing cage eggs.

It’s about time that cage egg producers and companies make the switch to 100% cage-free housing systems for hens. These companies already understand the value of cage-free egg farming; they just need their customers to push them along. 

If you buy cage-free eggs but want businesses that also use cages to make the switch, please take a few minutes to tell them to end the battery cage by signing this petition.

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