Abolish Coles Mini Shop Items

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Earlier this year, Coles released the “mini shop collection”, which were a series of small plastic items that people got ‘free’ when they spent over a certain amount of money - so not really free, just a bribe. And now? They’re doing it again.

Admittedly, these are cute toys, but there are better ways of doing things, like using recycled materials, or making them from something that will decompose after some time, instead of straight out plastic.

All in all, these tiny objects that many parents & children might think are fun and are a great idea, have spiked an increase in more plastic consumption and distribution, directly after Australia’s fight to discontinue the use of non-reusable plastic bags, which was executed due to the 6 billion plastic bags being used yearly. So we’ve gotten rid of bags, now what? Well, now we’ll spend 30+ dollars to get one small toy that is made up of the equivalent of one shopping bag anyway, as well as it’s packaging and the plastic bag it comes in upon store arrival. Let’s say there are 25 mini shop items per bag, which would be the equivalent to 25 plastic bags, plus packaging. On top of that, is the 1644000 Australians daily, spending over 30 dollars - that’s all it is. So, now, Australia is still consuming the 6 billion plastic bags we were already using, plus the packaging they arrive in, and the extra mini shop items on each 30 dollars they spend.

And what happens in the long run, when your children lose interest in these toys? They end up in landfill. They are not recyclable, and they have not been made of recycled plastic. These toys that may seem innocent, have rather been made from scratch, and are only producing waste upon waste. Is that the sort of thing you want to support?

Sign this petition to show Coles that we’re not on board with this decision, not even a ‘little’ bit.