Stop Cold Tea Restaurant from taking the name from the original Cold Tea creators

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Cold Tea was created 10 years ago In Toronto by a group that were dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive place where people can come together to share a love of music, food and drink.

Many people have travelled across the globe to come and check this place out. It is literally a Toronto staple. 

Unfortunately a Vancouver based chain has come in and taken this name. They have kindly asked them to respect the name but does not seem to be going smoothly.

I would like to show Vancouver that Cold Tea is a passport stamp and a home to many Torontonians, it is already hard enough to not be able to experience it right now due to the pandemic but to have to fight for something you put your whole heart into is unnecessary at this time as we have bigger fights.

I ask that the restaurant decides to change its name and I ask that every single person that has ever been to Cold Tea in Kensington Market or Queen west to sign this to show how important it is to keep the individuality and everything they stand for. Cold Tea is a ally to many communities and we need it to stay that way.