Ban the public display of the Confederate flag

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As many as you may know, the Confederate flag is being flown on a house on 5th Avenue, directly across from ROCORI High School and Middle School. The year is 2020, and we live in Cold Spring, Minnesota. That flag is not a symbol of history we should embrace nor a part of our  heritage. It is a hate symbol directed at black people and other minorities. The public display of the confederate flag is highly intolerable, especially flying next to a school where ALL students and staff should feel welcomed and safe. It is extremely important to me that ALL students and all people who enter the ROCORI community are treated with respect. Instead of glorifying the tragic and racist past, we must create a future that embraces our increasingly diverse community. By publicly displaying the confederate flag across from the school, we are tolerating fear and hate. We must, by example, teach our youth to be good citizens and to love their neighbors; we can start by removing the confederate flag. The 5th Avenue confederate flag has recently been rehung since the current events with Black Lives Matter. All White nationalism must be condemned. The injustices of the American racial order must be corrected, and all Americans’ fears for the future need to be addressed.