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Help Me To Be Supporter Liaison Officer At Colchester United FC

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For a while now I've been of the opinion that our club could benefit immensely from having a Supporter Liaison Officer with everything that has been going on recently I feel that having someone in place in this position would be incredibly helpful to the club and its supporters, and help create a stronger bond between the 2. Matt Hudson sort of already does this, but as we all know, that although he does an absolutely amazing job at the club, he is only 1 man and can only spread himself about so much. This would be on a totally voluntary basis which i am more than happy about. I have emailed the club personally about this but as of yet have not got them to agree to it, although many clubs in the Premier league, Championship, and football leagues have adopted this position and with huge success, and I was thinking that if we could get around 1,000 signatures the club would have to sit up and listen. If I got the go-ahead I feel that I would be a fantastic ambassador for the club as I love and have followed the team for 30 years now, and through fundraising for my son I have made many, many friends among the supporters, the club itself, and other clubs and their fans also! 

I would be incredibly grateful if you would take the time to sign my petition and I will now list in more detail the ins and outs of an SLO's jobs and responsibilities and if like me you agree that you or the club would benefit, all you have to do is sign it.

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A supporter liaison officer (SLO) is a person within a football club functioning as a bridge between the club itself and supporters of the club. The SLO builds relations with the club management and the fans through two-way communication, informing supporters about decisions made by the club and informing the club about the fan's point of view. The SLO also works with club stewards and police as well as the SLOs of other clubs to ensure that relevant knowledge is spread to all organisations participating in matches and other events of the club.

The SLO standard definition in the UEFA Supporter Liaison Officer Handbook consists of five areas of responsibility

•To be a bridge and improve communication between the fans and the club.
•To rely on information and credibility from both sides.
•To inform supporters of club decisions and communicate the fan point of view to the club.
•To build relations with fan groups and initiatives as well as with police and security.
•To stay in touch with SLOs of club opponents.

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