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Give US a say in what happens with OUR Money!

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Colchester Borough Council profited to the tune of £41,228.50 in 2016 as a result of not providing change to motorists using cash in their town centre car parks.

"I'm sure you will accept that we need every penny we can get" was the response of Councillor Michael Lilley when I suggested that this money should be donated to charity in some way.  Councillor Tim Young, Deputy Leader of CBC and leader of the Colchester Labour Party responded to me with "I do agree with him rather than you".

The St Johns and St Mary's car parks used to be pay on exit until 2015 at which point they moved to 'Pay and Display' and therefore in line with the Vineyard Street, Brittania, Priory Street and Middleborough Carparks.  

Colchester Borough Council claim that the technology involved in 'Pay in Exit' is cost prohibitive.

Working on the basis that they will not move from this position, I feel strongly that the public should have a say in what happens with the 'overpayments'.  CBC should not profit from this.  

Given that the council is led by a Coalition of Political parties who raise the impact of Government austerity, increased reliance of the public on food banks etc I expected a more open reception to my suggestion that this money be ringfenced and donated to a food bank or similar charity.  Councillor Young regularly apportions blame on Central Government for cutbacks which see people struggle, HERE IS HIS CHANCE TO HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT AND HE AND HIS COUNCIL ARE REFUSING TO DO SO.

Signing this petition will show your support for this money to be donated to local charities as opposed to being retained as revenue by Colchester Borough Council, noting that tariffs across 2016 totalled £2,988,817.15

I will be presenting this petition to Paul Smith and Tim Young, Leader and Deputy Leader respectively of Colchester Borough Council.

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