Make Colby-Sawyer College Admit Failure and Apologize to Supragya Rijal

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Colby-Sawyer College has become a corrupt institution. We can no longer trust our senior staff to ensure our student’s safety, inclusivity, or civil liberties. Colby-Sawyer has prided itself on being an inclusive, diverse community for students of all races, ethnicities, creeds, gender, sexual orientation, abilities and ages, yet corruption has plagued this campus on an institutional level. Racism has surfaced and has affected the student body in numerous, dangerous ways.

Colby-Sawyer College must accept responsibility for the pains and perjury that the institution has so wrongfully subjected Supragya Rijal to. Colby-Sawyer College MUST:
-Issue a public apology to Supragya Rijal and his family for the insensitive, wrongful, and racially motivated actions that were so heinously slapped onto his student records.
-Pay for the pains and perjury that the institution has subjected Supragya Rijal to, to include: payment of all legal fees, reimbursement of all tuition costs, and payment for mental health services.
-Fire the publicly and blatantly racist "safety officers" on the grounds of hate speech who have been found to not only have publicly disseminated racist, xenophobic discourse, but who have also fabricated and used anti-American statements against Supragya in official police reports.

Personal story
11/28/2018, 08:30 a.m.: a wake-up call turned into a nightmare. There is no easy way of describing the intense emotions one feels at 08:30 a.m. when there is chaotic pounding on a flimsy wooden door. Life doesn't prepare you to witness someone you truly care about getting cold metal handcuffs slapped around their wrists, and being forcefully pushed around a small room. Hundreds of questions thrown in the air, yet not a chance to catch just one. Barely awake and stumbling, Supragya Rijal was taken into custody by ICE wearing only a t-shirt, sweatpants, and sandals, on the 28th day of November, in the middle of a harsh winter storm. A coat was haphazardly flung onto him by his request. ICE is as cold as it sounds.

Everything changed on the night of the 3rd of October, when Supragya Rijal was arrested for a felony b charge of criminal threatening- a false, fabricated, and racially tinged accusation that had no preponderance of evidence: "Prior to my arrest, I was having dinner with a white student on campus. I was trying to have some conversation with him and we ended up talking mostly about hunting. I was telling him about how my grandfather used to hunt back in Nepal. The student somehow misinterpreted the whole conversation and got the idea that I was planning a mass shooting and reported it to the Campus Safety. After receiving the complaint from that student, the Campus Safety officer without even questioning me once reported the case straight to the NLPD and added a completely false and fabricated statement saying that “I’ve seen him intoxicated and spouting off things about America and that he hated white people”. The NLPD found no weapons or any such evidence in my apartment. However, I was dragged by the NLPD with loaded guns at midnight, stripped searched, subjected to a body cavity check, and locked up in the county jail for two nights. Instead of acknowledging its mistakes and attempting to make things right, Colby-Sawyer College has expelled me."

Supragya's VISA and SEVIS were ultimately terminated by Colby-Sawyer College, which meant that he was required to leave the country immediately. Supragya, having been released on bail due to personal recognizance, was unable to return to Nepal as one of his bail conditions was to stay in New Hampshire to await due process to take its course; it is projected that the criminal charges will be dropped due to a lack of evidence. 

11/28/2018, 18:27- Supragya is in transit to Strafford County House of Corrections, where he will sit, alone and confused, traumatized for the second time, all because of Colby-Sawyer College's grave mistakes.
We will no longer be silenced.
Colby-Sawyer College MUST pay.
Justice for Supragya.