Seize Chance, the neglected dog in Tuscumbia, before he freezes to death or worse

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 In Tuscumbia, Alabama, there is a severely neglected dog that has spent his entire life on a short chain. He often goes without food and water, and has been left outside all day, every day, in spite of single digit temperatures this winter. All he has for warmth is a small piece of carpet, which is constantly being dragged out of his dog house by the chain, so it lays frozen on the ground. He is not fed every day and his owner does nothing to ensure that his water doesn't freeze in the frigid temperatures.

 This poor, neglected dog sits outside crying all day long; hoping and praying that there is more to life than this. A concerned neighbor has called Colbert County Animal Control NUMEROUS times, because she feels like this dog will DIE if he is allowed to stay in this home. What did CCAC do? Nothing! The responding officer felt sorry for the owner because she is mentally ill, so he left an abused animal in her care to die!

 It is not an ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER'S job to feel sorry for animal abusers- it is their job to SAVE ANIMALS!!!!  Here are quotes from the reporting neighbor:

 " The dude from animal control will come check on him and make sure he's not starving. But he's not here now and hasn't been. This poor baby is crying. He does have a house but his carpet is outside wet with snow. He tried to drag it in."  " The ONLY time he has been off that chain was when he escaped.. It's even been down in the single digits in the past month. That's the reason I've called animal control over and over.. After I called the second time he called me back and said he couldn't take her dog because she came to the door dressed like a princess and asked him to please not take her dog. She has never played with that dog or even touched him.. He gets so excited when I pet him. He doesn't even have a name" " Yes. He said that he didn't have room at the shelter that night. I told him I would care for the dog and bring him in if he'd just give me the go ahead.. He said he'd go check on him after he took his wife out for her birthday, idk if he ever came... I tried to watch for him."

 What a TERRIBLE, LAZY job by someone who has sworn to protect ANIMALS! This petition is to show CCAC that we are WATCHING and WAITING for them to seize this dog so that WE (Animal rescuers) can give him the life that he deserves.

 Since his "owner" values him so little he doesn't even have a name- WE have named him: Chance, because all he needs is one.

 CCAC: Do your job and take Chance out of a situation that will quickly turn deadly! We rescuers are working to find him a rescue that will take him in as soon as he is out of that terrible home!  

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