Stop charging for extra swipes in the mess!

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Do not  blindly charge for extra swipes in the mess. What about all the times that we do not swipe or do not eat in the mess? Will you deduct it? If you don't deduct, then it is like charging twice for a meal. The student who hasn't swiped has paid for it already, and the one who swipes extra also pays. Is this fair?

If you want a regulation on the people eating in a particular mess, make new mess cards which have money loaded and the amount is deducted whenever you swipe. Most of the modern private universities follow this method. This way you only pay for what you eat and nothing extra.

Another viable solution could be to allot a fixed number of swipes per month/per semester and the remaining swipes will be displayed whenever you swipe. In case any swipes are remaining, carry them forward to the next semester.