Coinbase users demand an answer on our $SGB (songbird) airdrop

Coinbase users demand an answer on our $SGB (songbird) airdrop

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Started by Preston Newsom

Coinbase has been aware for months that they would be receiving free $SGB (Songbird) on behalf of every Coinbase user who took part in the December 12 2020 XRP snapshot. In that time, they refused to answer whether they would delegate those coins to their customers. 

Now they have actually received the coins and still refuse to answer whether they will give their customers the $SGB (Songbird). These coins represent an enormous amount of monetary value in a time where many are in need. We demand that Coinbase makes a public statement of their intentions as well as a public apology!

There are three options:

1. Burn the tokens ( Destroy the wealth we are owed rather than delegate it to it's rightful owners )

2. Keep the tokens for yourself ( Theft )

3. Give the tokens to their rightful owners ( The morally right thing to do )

If any option other than option 3 is chosen, you stand to lose an enormous amount of customers and liquidity from your exchange. 

The silence from Coinbase is unacceptable. You have disrespected and marginalized many of your loyal customers. The time for answers is now!





4,945 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!