Time for Coinbase to list Bezoge!

Time for Coinbase to list Bezoge!

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Elaine LAM started this petition to Coinbase Global, Inc. (branded Coinbase)

Open Letter to Coinbase Global Inc.

BEZOGE EARTH ($BEZOGE) is expanding rapidly with a market cap of $300+ million and 30,000+ holders (and counting), from all continents, in just 8 months.

The main product so far is “The Legends of Bezogia”, a blockchain NFT rental MMO game, which is taking the gaming industry by storm!

One of the main issue today is that the cryptocurrency industry is a really complicated place to get into. BEZOGE EARTH wants to solve this problem by bringing crypto to the masses!

With a mainstream audience as the goal, “The Legends of Bezogia” will neither be limited to a crypto audience nor to gamers with high-end gaming equipment as there won’t be any high barrier to entry for players: (a) mainstream players will be able to play without owning a crypto wallet and (b) there will be a low spec mode for players with limited hardware.

Also, players who own Bezogi (NFT in-game characters) can Rent2Earn by renting out their NFTs to other gamers (and earn while doing so) through a fully decentralised renting system.

BEZOGE is a community-driven coin, with visionary founders, a very passionate community, and its very own music band (the Bezoge Bros), who is creating the music for the game. It lies at the crossroad of everything that’s trending today: DeFi, PlayToEarn, Rent2Earn, NFT, Cryptogaming, Metaverse.

Bringing crypto to the masses: can we move to execution?

There is today a lack of avenues to trade BEZOGE and centralized exchanges have their role to play in accelerating the crypto revolution!

The BEZOGE community wishes to be heard by COINBASE to list BEZOGE EARTH!

By doing so, COINBASE will prove one more time that they are selecting the most avant-garde concepts in the crypto industry!

Please sign this petition so that COINBASE hears us !

On behalf of the whole team and the community : thank you all warmly for your support ! 


$BEZOGE / Whitepaper: bezoge.com

Game NFTs (Bezogi / Pets / Weapons): bezogia.com

Game Economy / Tokenomics: wiki.bezogia.com

Join our amazing community: https://t.me/bezoge & https://discord.gg/UcmzAdEAey

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!