Bring Siacoin to Coinbase

Bring Siacoin to Coinbase

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What Siacoin is and why you should care.

In 2013 a new project was conceived. A project that would one day revolutionize the world. This project was Siacoin. Siacoin's original focus was that of decentralized cloud storage. Their goal was not only to offer a cheaper and more reliable cloud storage to the public, but also enable the people to have 100% control over their own data. You see under the current implementation of the internet our data is stored on servers owned by tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, etc and is freely accessible to them. Not only does this system of data distribution put these companies in a position of ransoming your data (ie. Pay the higher fee or you can't access your data) but it also allows them to mine this data and sell it off to third parties. The Sia network intends to address this issue by removing the middle man and allowing the Siacoin blockchain to handle transactions independently and ensuring all data is encrypted and only accessible to whoever the owner chooses. In addition to this unprecedented level of user privacy, the Siacoin blockchain also breaks up your data in to small chunks and saves them in multiple locations throughout the Sia network. This allows you to ensure your data will always be accessible to you, no matter the country you are in, and gives power back to the consumer. You see by spreading your data out amongst a number of hosts, the blockchain prevents any one host from holding your data hostage. If one host decides to increase fees to unreasonable levels, you are free to choose a cheaper host and there is nothing your current host can do to stop you. This is because they no longer own your data. You do!

However, the Sia team decided that this wasn't enough and could see the potential for something even greater. Enter Skynet, a free and decentralized internet. By using the Sia network they had already established, the Sia team began to develop a brand new internet. One that takes power from governments and big corporations and gives it back to the people. By applying the same ideas of data existing on the network in a decentralized manner and focus on user privacy. Skynet would once again take data out of the hands of these tech giants and return it to the people. On Skynet big tech companies would have to ask you for permission to use your data. They would also be prevented, by the blockchain encryption, from selling that data to a third party. In addition to this, you would also have the power to deny them access to that data at any time should you choose to do so. Skynet gives us the ability to stop being a commodity and return to being the consumer.

So when is this new internet supposed to arrive you ask?

That's the thing, it is already here. The Sia team, who are a non-profit, have been tirelessly working on this project for the last 8 years and have now got it to the point that Skynet is now operational and usable! However due to lack of resources, being a non-profit and all, they had to choose between promotion or development. Commendably they chose development over promotion, deciding to let their work speak for itself, and in February of 2020 when Skynet was launched it did just that


If it is here already why haven't you heard of it?

Well this is where the Sia team needs our help. Remember how they chose development over promotion? Well the downside to that decision is they have not had the time over the last 8 years to really raise that much money for promotion. In the mean time there have been some competitors who have come along and by the use of an initial coin offering they have raised millions. This has allowed these competitors to begin promoting their platforms before they have even begun development. Meaning Siacoin has been cast in to shadow by these competitors who don't even have a product to promote. So the Sia team need our support, they need you to get out there and spread the word that the new internet is already here and it's here to stay! Because if we don't do this, there is a possibility that we will lose our chance to experience a free and decentralized internet that gives power back to the people.

If you have read this far and like the idea of a free and decentralized internet please sign this petition to help get Siacoin listed on is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange in operation and have already made these competitors coins available for trading, yet Siacoin remains unavailable. By helping get Siacoin listed on you can help ensure that Siacoin, and by extension Skynet, has the chance to survive and provide us with a future that humanity deserves.

Wake up Coinbase and throw Siacoin a bone!


To learn more about the new decentralized internet and what Siacoin is actually all about please check out the links below. This project is mind blowing and it could literally change our way of life. The Sia team has clearly worked themselves to the bone developing this for the world, and it is time their work gets the attention it deserves. Join the DeWeb Now! A free, decentralized way of communication.


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!