Keep Coimbatore's spelling the same

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 We all know the name 'Coimbatore' has been an anglicized spelling and has been serving as a better spelling when it comes to the development of the city. Say NO to 'Koyampuththur'. Whereas 'Coimbatore' has been having an international appeal with its spelling. I don't know why are they even changing the spelling of our city which has been the same for the last century. Our city has been a birthplace for a lot of things. Coimbatore has almost 2 million residents of various diversities. We have grown close to this name. It is also easier for people to recognize when we type/write 'Coimbatore'. Now changing the spelling of the city this big would eventually cause outrage in almost all fields. Changing the spelling of the smaller areas within the cities makes more sense but, an entire city? Never a good idea. I can type pages and pages on this. I'd better tell you all to sign up on this and be a part of keeping the same spelling for our 'Coimbatore'. We never need to spell our beautiful city as 'Koyampuththur' in English. It is beautiful to write in Tamil, but not in English. Sign up if you agree.

Please do share this petition with your friends and family. Let's stay together in bringing back our good old spelling of 'Coimbatore'.