Save Coimbatore's iconic Siruvani water

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The Coimbatore Corporation has decided to outsource water distribution at an exorbitant rate to a French company called Suez. This will end any kind of water storage in the houses because the company promises 24 hour water supply throughout the year . The free water taps for the very poor will gradually be stopped and they will also be charged for water. Coimbatore has a wonderful setup to distribute water which is happening for a very long time . The coimbatore corporation water supply and distribution department, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD)Board and our Public Works Department (PWD)- not to mention the umpteen Indian private companies- are capable of laying pipes to distribute water. The state government claims the Suez has "invested" in many "patented" Technologies so the deal has to be for 26 years minimum. That's for more than a generation! When the government is claiming to make everything in India, when India is succeeding in rocket technology and satellite Technology in the international arena is it necessary to outsource laying of pipes and distribution and metering to a French company. This is Daylight robbery which is decided by the "hung" City Government. We have no elected body now. Such Big decisions involving so much of public money should not be taken without taking the consent of the people. Let us stop this before the government takes more steps and enters into the contract. Let the Corporation empower, enable and fund our own government departments for this job and let our experienced local expertise carry out this job without any hindrance.

Water is a limited resource which is becoming scarcer by the day. 24/7 supply in a monsoon dependent place is not the right promise that can be kept. Water has to be saved during good monsoons and distributed during monsoon failures too. More than 24 by 7 we want equitable distribution for a limited period to all of the population. 

More over~ handing over such a scarce  and absolutely precious resource that has been said to have  the potential to start a world war ~to a foreign company is another form of colonisation. Please let us stop this now. This will set a very risky precedent to the whole country.