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I am doing this petition because the children safety should come first & there is no school busing for the elementary school. Instead of closing the school on bad days there are so many children 3years old and up that has to walk to and from school everyday in the freezing cold and slippery icey winter weather risking there life & Health. Seeing all these little kids and parents having to walk to & from school on these dangerous snowy days and in the freezing cold weather, even on very hot days & in the pouring rain break my heart. And there are also parents out there that have to bring there babys out in that weather to walk there children to school and that is very dangerous for all of them. I believe all children matter and should be able to be bussed.

It is sad seeing all them little kids crying because of how cold they are, getting sick from the freezing cold weather, risking there lifes walking to & from school on the slippery icey sidewalks and a lot of times they have to walk in the road that is dangerous because of how icey the sidewalks are or not even shoveled. I have already seen so many kids almost get hit by cars because of the slippery roads.

I believe having school bussing for these children will help in so many ways.

It can help safe life's & prevent & lower the risk of our children being hit by a vehicle, .prevent Injuries from falling on the ice or into the road in slippery conditions that can be deadly, .Will help prevent more children from getting sick from this cold weather, .The kids wont have to freeze walking to & from school. All of that can be very dangerous. It can also prevent our children from being hurt, kidnapped, bullied or worse. etc... Please don't wait until tragedy hits & it's to late. .Also Less children will miss school.

This will be a very good change. Please think of the children. Put the children first. There lifes, safety & Health comes first. 

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