Prevent a child's death in Sawtell, lower the main street limit to 20km/h

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The main street of Sawtell, just the 200m stretch under the fig trees, becomes a dangerous place for children and adults when drivers go as fast as the current speed limit of 40km/h.

Children play in the grass area and climb fig trees in the centre divide, and adults regularly cross anywhere down the length of the street. It's only going to take the smallest error of judgement by a pedestrian and a driver legally driving the limit for there to be a serious injury or death.

The traffic down this stretch is already appropriately 10- 20km/h, as many drivers are either looking for a parking spot or conscious of the risks of small pedestrians in the busy area. This only adds the extra danger of when a car does drive the actual speed limit.

Many locals have already witnessed near misses, especially with children. It makes parents nervous and isn't fair to drivers not familiar to the area.

The charm of Sawtell as a holiday destination depends on the beauty and openness of its main street. Let's make the speed limit a more accurate representation of what the locals know is a safe speed to drive.


(photo credit: Bruce Thomas Photography; taken from )