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Build a Calisthenics Park in Coffs Harbour

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Calisthenics or steet workout is a form of exercise where participants use their bodyweight as a resistance, often working on horizontal and vertical bars. 

The sport has experienced an enormous surg in popularity all over the world with approx. 45 million regular participants; however the provision of regular training facilities in public in Australia is relatively low.

Calisthenics appeals to those of all levels of fitness as there are few barriers to participation. Calisthenics is more inclusive, anti-competitive and rule bound than most sports but still allows room for risks. As a result, this is an effective means of engaging those communities that are traditionally excluded from mainstream sport and physical education provision. 

Locally, there are large numbers of people who practise and train on a regular basis. They do so wherever they can often using playground equipment or construction equipment in their own gardens.

The installation of a specialist calisthenics training facility in a public space represents a very cost-effective means of promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle. A facility would require minimal space and maintenance yet appeal to a large number of local users. 

This petition is to kindly ask Coffs Harbour Council to provide the space within the jetty area or a park provided near by, and the fund for the installation of calisthenics equipment.

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