Please Honour the Woolgoolga Town Centre Master Plan

Please Honour the Woolgoolga Town Centre Master Plan

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Woolgoolga is a beautiful seaside village just north of Coffs Harbour. N.S.W., fondly known as "Woopi”.

Woolgoolga is famous for its large Sikh Community, beautiful coastline and hinterland. The laid-back village atmosphere is what the Community wants to preserve. The Vision of the Master plan is to grow Woolgoolga in a way that does not affect its unspoilt and unhurried beachside character but that is proactive in promoting prosperity.

The Woolgoolga Town Centre Masterplan was endorsed in February 2018 by Coffs Harbour City Council after years of input by Council staff and the community. The guidelines it provides allows the town to adapt to the world of the future, while maintaining its iconic coastal town landscape.

It paints a picture of our future, and we’re proud of it.


We now have a situation where the approved and accepted Masterplan is being challenged. For example, in Hastings Street, an applicant is proposing a development with building heights of 18.2 metres where only 11 metres is allowed under the Masterplan guidelines. Leaving this infringement to go unchallenged will set a precedent for others and pave a path for a future that isn’t the Woopi we know and love. 

People and traffic movement in critical infrastructure outlined within the Masterplan promotes bicycle and pedestrian friendly pathways to improve connectivity for locals and tourists – something the town vitally needs. A “Transport Strategy” currently being developed supports Council commitment for a more sustainable future for the Woolgoolga community. Let’s ensure that the spirit of the Masterplan is at the forefront of future planning, to allow for sustainable development rather than the alternative being suggested.

We're happy to develop to the heights specified in the WTCMP, we're just asking that it be to preserve our agreement with Council and the village.

Please help us to maintain the beautiful ambience of Woolgoolga, so that we will always be a great place to visit and stay for years to come.