PLEASE Councillors, PROGRESS the Coffs Harbour Cultural & Civic Space as it stands.

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To Coffs Harbour Councillors,

The people of Coffs Harbour have taken the time to sign this petition, and we urgently want you, the Coffs Harbour City Council to say NO to the rescission motion and move forward to progress the Cultural and Civic Space to its final stage of completion, and in line with the original schematic design. 

We say NO to the City Hill location!

This facility needs to be centrally located within the Coffs Harbour CBD to ensure each and every member of the community has the opportunity to access its services freely and easily. 

Councillors, please stop stalling the Council vote on this issue and please vote yes for the future growth of Coffs Harbour, for urban renewal, for future generations, and most importantly, for our young people.

Our community is in desperate need for cultural infrastructure of this kind. If we don't progress this project now, it may never happen in our lifetime and we fear this extraordinary opportunity will simply pass us by.

Please Councillors, VOTE YES to progress the Cultural & Civic building! Please, do it for your community.

This petition is to oppose the Rescission Motion RM19/01 and to let Crs Swan, Arkan, Rhoades and Amos know that the community WANTS this building to progress in its currently proposed form as the Cultural and Civic Space in the CBD.