I Will Coffee 2020 Commitments

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Jesse Hartman
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This commitment is for the betterment of the coffee industry but moreover the betterment of the lives of coffee people in coffee producing regions as discovered in The Coffee Podcast series on the Coffee Price Crisis.

I will commit myself to the following and encourage others to join these charges so that coffee people world-wide can participate in promoting a sustainable future for coffee.

I will commit to the following goals in 2020 including:

    I will purchase a majority of my coffee from brands that practice transparency (i.e. post their lowest payment for coffee)


    Commit my brand to transparent practices in 2020. (i.e. post your brand's purchasing information)
  2. I will financially support (at least once) one organization that promotes sustainable practices in coffee.

  3. I will contact a major coffee brand and ask them "hard" questions about their practices. (i.e. form a letter and gather signatures demanding transparency)

  4. I will read/research other industries and hope to discover patterns and solutions for the coffee industry.


    I will purchase/roast lower-end specialty coffee at a reasonable price for consumers to enjoy.

  5. I will aim to collaborate with all coffee people to deliberately promote the consumption of coffee in 2020. (i.e. Brand collaborations, reduce "coffee snobbery," etc.)