Discounted price for bringing your own reusable coffee cup to cafes

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We have noticed that there is an issue around the use of take-away cups in coffee cafes. They are creating preventable waste and filling landfills all around New Zealand. We want to change the current take-away cups policy from serving coffee to customers in take-away cups, to giving customers who provide their own reusable cups a discounted price for their coffee. As a result of this, less waste will be created, reducing the amount of take-away coffee cups that end up in our landfills. Statistics we have found show that New Zealanders make their way through 295 million cups of coffee a year and despite some cups being compostable and recyclable, New Zealanders don’t know which ones can be, therefore majority of them simply end up in the landfill. This would be enforced by a discounted price for customers in comparison to those who simply order their coffee in a takeaway cup that will be in a rubbish bin within 15 minutes. This discount could be counteracted by the expense of the take-away coffee cup that is no longer needed. We see that this policy change will not only benefit the environment, but also cafes as businesses by providing cheaper coffee at less cost to the environment.

If you agree with this initiative of encouraging cafes to give a discounted price to people who bring their own reusable cups and want to help us with this change, please sign our petition.