Keep our parking!

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Coeur D’ Alene is a beautiful town in the heart of the panhandle of Idaho. But, what is idaho without the people that live here? From the crews that built the parks, business owners, or the youth visiting the downtown scene, Coeur D’ Alene is nothing without its people! But there is a new problem ahead of the people here. We are being taken away our free parking at McKuen parking garage! 

The politicians of Coeur D’ Alene have proved to be money hungry time and time again and it’s time for the people that make CDA what it is, to speak up!  The community has already expressed anger on social media.

From the community fundraiser skatepark (no free parking already and they claimed to have built for us (WRONG), the old boardwalk carousel installed into downtown, and a random three story parking garage semi by downtown, Coeur D’ Alene has been making questionable community changes and it’s absurd. Taking away the free two hour parking almost feels like a punishment to the people that live here that want to enjoy the parks, community youth that meet up with friends downtown and are given a free safe place to park, families going on an putting to the local holiday festivities, or even just early morning goers headed to tubs to jog around for their morning workout. 

it is time to speak up, it is time to stand up for something that benefits the people of our community, and not the money hungry politicians we having representing us. 

Stand with me and show what the people really want, and to keep our beautiful downtown CDA unrestricted and kept away from big city pay-to-park nonsense!