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Get gluten free food back on prescription!

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At the moment, gluten free food is gradually being something that you cannot receive on prescription from the NHS anymore. For many coeliac or gluten intolerance sufferers, this was the most affordable, accessible way to receive the specialist food that they desperately need. Yes, this food is available in supermarkets now but there are few products in comparison to non gluten-free ranges, and the prices are often triple the usual. Without NHS prescriptions of gluten-free food, a lot of those with the disease will be unable to absorb the added cost, and also find that there is not as much readily available. It's a vital prescription for many people and it is unfair to have taken this out of service when so many people are dependent upon it. It's integral that we at least try to get it back, for the sake of those that will suffer from this decision! I have a younger sister who unfortunately has coeliac disease, and after a lot of different trials because frankly there is little enjoyable choice in some aspects of gluten free food, some of the best she found were part of the range supplied in her prescription. I want to reinstate this not only for her, but for everyone that is affected by this, because it could be anyone. Anybody can have coeliac- in the UK, 1 in 100 have it, and it can be an extremely difficult disease for someone to deal with, especially young people, and I can imagine that for many people, they are reliant on the prescription they have now lost because it inevitably makes a difficult situation much easier to deal with. It's really important that this is not just ignored as if it is it will ease the strain immensely. If it isn't replaced, the supermarket places should be reduced to compensate. Nobody asks for this disease or deserves to pay so much extra just to ensure they are healthy and catered for. Please sign if you see the unjust nature of the decision that has been to made to stop this, or if you too suffer and rely on this. Every signature counts!

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