Racedriver: GRID (remastered)

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Sam Lipscombe
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After experience GRID 2019 over the past week. I and many others can’t help but wish for a RD:G remastered. 

there is so many people calling out for this to happen on the forums, myself included! The game bought so so many people together!

the awards and popularity of that game back in 2008 showed exactly that and I can bet my bottom dollar if they hadn’t of shut the online servers down, the player count would be higher than any grid game, even to this day.

Grid 2 is a 6 or so year old game and it gets more of a player count than GRID 2019. That must ring alarm bells!?


i only ask for those GRID fanatics to get behind this and put this forward to the big guns in charge at Codemasters.


REMASTER RACEDRIVER GRID!!! You will thank me when it’s done.