Old F1-Championship fully simulated on F1 by Codemasters games

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F1 is a great game by Codemasters

Every year it's really exciting to have the official league and be able to play on XboxOne, PS4 and PC, on the comfort of their couch or on their own sim-racing location

Many F1 fans love the F1 of the past, the great duels, major technical developments and everything that appeals to millions of people worldwide

It would be great to have the old championships via DLC, with updated graphics every year, we all appreciated the work done on F1 2013 Classic, but it is not enough.

The dream of every fan is to be able to compete in the old championships, with the old rules simulated perfectly with all the cars and all the drivers.

We know it's a long process, but with the help of Liberty Media maybe you will have the right to create a game that follows the entire history of F1

We hope to soon have the DLC with this dream, we wish you good work and thanks for all you do and for all the hours of fun that you have given us!

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