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Should Code Hatch sell their development rights for Reign of Kings?

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Should Code Hatch sell their development rights for Reign of Kings?
-Let's introduce ourselves first, We are a small german Game development team called 'CustomGuard' with about 5 years of experience in Game & Software development, we have experience with OpenGL, DirectX, NVIDIA PhysX, Networking(Client & Server logic etc.), Cryptography and much more! Our target is to buy the development Rights for the Game 'Reign of Kings' made by 'CodeHatch', 'CodeHatch' will also get a percantage return on any future Sales. This will allow the game to be further developed and hopefully bring back a once thriving player base and community.

What would you say if 'Reign of Kings' get's Admins who care about the Game? Read and see how simple the life can be. Keep Going, Keep Playing.

CodeZ 4K Gaming: wanna know how we plan to Improve the Reign of kings Gameplay ? User: ya definitly CodeZ 4K Gaming: Our plan is to firstly change the Game Engine, the current Engine is Unity Engine ( wich is not an Bad Engine, but it's not recommended for this type of Game, the Engine is way to Exploitable and does not offer C++ as Coding Language. After that big Change we will keep updating the Game with adding new Feature and fixxing Bugs, the Community will be able to decide wich Features to add! Also we are planning on adding an Cave System to improve Irons farming.
I think we can all agree there is much more to be desired from the development of RoK as the game was released in a relatively unfinished state and could have had a lot more content and better servers at launch. This is also reflected through the lack of players in game at the moment as the current developers have failed to deliver and are poorly maintaining what's left.

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