Code Lyoko: Season 5 of the Original Series on Netflix or YouTube

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From September 3rd, 2003 to November 10th, 2007, Code Lyoko has been our beloved French animated series that utilizes both 2D and 3D animations, when the program went underrated during its television run on one of the best shows on Cartoon Network.

On May 31st, 2011, when the MoonScoop Group’s Facebook account has announced that the show would return for the fifth season, due to a large dedicated fanbase, it turned out to be an incomplete sequel reboot, known as Code Lyoko: Evolution, which replaces 2D cartoon with live-action for the real world. Because of this, the reason why it flopped is that the Evolution writers have never watched the original series.

Even before the infantized reboot, we've recently heard that the unreadable novel series of Code Lyoko Chronicles was very much a disappointment for the fact that it didn't stay genuinely connected to the original series. Because of these continuation projects have flopped, we cannot afford to do another reboot because it will never look the same as the original shows, just like Evolution.

All we want is a complete cartoon continuation of the original Code Lyoko with the real fifth season because we need answers to the unexplored lore of the series, such as the creation of the supercomputer, finding Aelita's past, and the full backstory of Project Carthage. Plus, we also need to find out if either Aelita's mother, Anthea Schaeffer is dead or alive and what the Men behind Carthage are up to when they're unaware of the Supercomputer and Lyoko.

This petition is revolved around on signing this formal request to bringing Code Lyoko back to the spotlight by getting our old and new writers to watch the original series so that the real continuation will finally happen. We also want Mediatoon to stream the new episodes to either be on Netflix or YouTube because the show has dubbed for thirteen different languages.


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