Darling in the Franxxx Season 2

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I was already getting crazy with this quarentine, and with this end of The Darling in the Franxxx I am wasting all time I have thinking about it, and this can't continue, i can't spend anymore time just thinking, So here I am, just like many other people I just wanna see Hiro and Zero-Two happy and not dead!

PS: I will not let this petition die like those other ones that got only 500 people! And who also loves Darling in the Franxxx will help me by sharing it

I even created a Twitter profile to share this, my Story and why they should keep up!(@petitiondfs2)

Anyway, i might be late for Code 000 accept this but as long they live, my hope will too! After all this Anime isn't based in any Manga right? So anything could happen.

Please, just make us happy, after that relatively recent Tweet by the oficial series profile, my hopes got really up, so let's make a deal:

If this get to Darling in the Franxx creators, you will get us at least a awnser: If you intend to continue with the series don't change anything in the official Twitter profile, but if you don't, just delete the last hope you gave us on twitter, the post: "Don't forget"

For more information enter my Twitter profile and DM if anyone wants